Project kick-off:
Blockchain and the energy sector


New panel led by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies starts their work exploring how blockchain can boost competitiveness in the Danish energy sector.

As part of the broader agenda of exploring how the blockchain technology can be converted into competitiveness in Danish industry, we are facilitating a panel with focus on blockchain technology and its derived competitiveness in the energy sector. The panel’s work was successfully kicked of this week.

We have put together a strong and diverse panel with expertise from across the value chain of the energy sector, blockchain in energy, and energy innovation in general. By leveraging the panel’s collective insights and expertise, we will ultimately develop future scenarios for the Danish energy sector towards 2030 from a blockchain competitiveness perspective.

We are witnessing both fast-changing industry sectors and a rapidly evolving blockchain landscape. But the future role of blockchain in Danish industry – and the Danish energy sector – depends on many aspects outside the potential and maturity of the technology itself. Hence, in this panel, we will pursue a holistic approach that encapsulates the wider developments across the sector and blockchain competitiveness.


The initiative is part of the project ’Blockchain Academy Network’. Blockchain Academy Network is headed by the Alexandra Institute and the partner group consists of Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, The European Blockchain Center at the IT University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and Concordium.